Wednesday, April 29, 2009

antics in austin

Part 2: Me and my most lovely best ladies (and a really nice guy named Lance)! We ate lots of food from local restaurants. We drank lots of local drinks. We even met a local celebrity (see the thong-clad man below). I think that qualifies us as honorary locals, right?

We're quite the experience, I've been told. Just throw the three of us together, add a drop or two of Jim Beam, mix it all up, and watch the wackiness ensue. We might have adopted Florida names for the week—because our rental car's plates were from Florida, duh! You can just call me Phyllis. My cohorts answer to Janis & Shirley.

Because we're so intense.

They're REALLY good tacos!His name is Leslie, and yes he's for real. I hear he almost got elected mayor as a write-in candidate. Keepin' Austin Wierd, I suppose.What guns? These guns! (Carrie's are bigger than my head, oh well)She looks tough, but she's pretty gooey on the inside.Here I am at the BEST. WATERPARK. EVER. (Schlitterbahn) Notice my pasty, pasty skin. When I took my shirt off, I'm pretty sure my skin acted as a beacon that was viewable from outerspace. Look! It's the very nice Mr. Lance....See, gooey on the inside!And she's quite the hairdresser these days.
Angie gets pretty, per usual.
This one about sums it up, methinks. fierce.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the photos of Austin! Good to see Leslie's still around! Former Austinite, via Making It Lovely.

val said...

thanks Michelle. I'm glad you like them. By the way, how could you move away from such an amazing place? :)

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