Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet nectar of life.

I have done it this time. I've gotten myself addicted to caffeine again—more specifically, Diet Coke. Only, I'm not suppose to consume it. See, I have this stupid kidney condition that prohibits me from ingesting caffeine & copious amounts of  protein. This is most troublesome, as I am pretty much a health nut, and we all need protein to develop lean muscle mass. The other reason being, Diet Coke was at one point my LIFE BLOOD. You might have your coffee, I had my Diet Coke.

So it's a bit problematic that I'm physically dependent on it again. I woke up in a horrible disposition today. I couldn't think. I was tired and grouchy. I had a headache and was light-headed. I wasn't going to give in. I was going to drink water. Boring, bland, water. But I'm weak. I knew the solution to my problem. It was Coke Zero, the new, tasty counterpart to Diet Coke that I've discovered since getting back on the stuff. It was sitting perched in the vending machine, across the room from me as I sat through a brainstorming session. I couldn't think of anything else. So I sketched this....

An hour later I stood at a fountain and filled a cup full of the glorious, Aspartame-sweetened goodness. All was right with the world again. 

I have a problem.


Rachael said...

brian will only drink coke zero...i personally miss the "real" stuff

Tessa said...

It's a good thing you're not a smoker as well. You may be in even more trouble.

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