Tuesday, November 10, 2009

just a paint splatter girl

I drew this girl months ago. Since that day she has hung on the wall of my cube, patiently waiting for the inspiration to strike me. Today she got her shot.

I was invited to a print swap in Cincinnati that is to take place on December 1st. Participants have been instructed to provide a few prints of 3 original pieces. Of course, I can't bring just any old pieces! I must have something new to share. So last night I got painting—the fruits of those labors to be shared soon. Then today I used a brief lunch period to give that old drawing a new life. I live-traced her, brought in some other elements, faked in some paint splatter and VOILA! Instant art.

I don't usually illustrate mostly on the computer (unless I'm designing notebooks, of course). I really enjoyed this, though. I might continue in this vein a bit more. I love to experiment.

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