Tuesday, September 21, 2010

last night of summer

I got the official word last night—I have a broken sternum. I managed that slick maneuver while working out at the park. The doctor's orders go something like, "no exercise of any kind". As a result, my new favorite hobby is walking. Lots of walking. I have a wonderful husband who will accompany me on said walks.

Tonight we bid farewell to the summer with a long walk across town. We headed out for some sandwiches but in the process took a walk through the graveyard (which is an arboretum and not nearly as macabre as it sounds), took in the scenery, and stopped in a music store so Rodger could play a little on the grand piano.

The other doctor's order was, "no lifting of any kind". I think my DSLR would complicate matters, so I carried along my light weight little iPhone and documented the stroll with my ShakeIt (polaroid-like) app.

I think it was pretty a magical evening.
(click on the images to see them larger)
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