Saturday, February 20, 2010

craft night: freezer paper prints (again)

Due to the unfortunate amount of snow that we've been experiencing in Dayton, Ohio, craft nights have been few and far between. No one has been sadder about this than I. However, we have a real gem planned for next week, so crafting balance will be restored to the land once more.

We did manage to squeeze one in a couple of weeks ago. It was a do-over since freezer paper prints were so popular, and we had an almost completely fresh group of ladies.

So just to show off what we created, here's freezer paper prints (again):

Scandinavian tea towel by Maria N.
Personal crest tote bag by rebecca r.
whimsical birdie tote by maria j.
It's the "can-you-tell-I-design-school-products" tote by me.


Maria said...

Perhaps the subtitle to your bag should be: "living-proof-of-how-talented-I-am-with-an-exacto-knife." I was pretty impressed.

val said...

yeah, well, me and Mr. X-acto have a history that extends all the way back to art school. It took a lot of work, but we're good friends now :)

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