Wednesday, March 03, 2010

craft night: bubble paper prints/stationery

Remember when blowing bubbles in your drink and annoying the heck out of your parents was your idea of a good time? It still is? Mine, too. You'll feel right at home with this project. Now we didn't walk away from this craft thinking "success!". Our prints didn't look just like they did in the craft book (but still looked pretty swell). Though, they so seldom do. So I'm not too stressed. However, this was definitely the most fun craft night to date! what you'll need:
1 small bowl (like soup bowl size)
1 straw
1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon dish soap
10 drops food coloring
light colored paper of your choosing

What to do:
1. Completely combine the water, sugar, dish soap, and food coloring in the bowl. Be very liberal with the food coloring, otherwise, your bubbles will be rather faint.

2. This is the part where all those "That's What She Said" jokes started to come into play. We're a mature bunch... Get out that straw and start blowing! slower is better. It makes bigger bubbles which print better. That's what she said!
3. Gingerly scoop the larger bubbles off the top of the bowl and arrange them to your liking on top of your paper. Resist the temptation to pop these bubbles or blow them away. Put it aside to dry. At this point, you are done! Now write someone a pretty letter, or do a fancy drawing. If you want to get really crazy, repeat steps 2-3 with a different color for a two-toned affect.The finished product, which was completed by my friend Alissa. She was the one who really got the hang of it.
happy crafting!

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The Fashion Bloggess said...

another great post! i just love your blog! such an inspiration! definitely bookmarking you. hope you can stop by mine sometime :)


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