Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new bloggy endeavor

Hello, friends!

I have an announcement to make, and I couldn't be more excited! I've decided to open up a new blog. It's called Oh, Hopscotch, and it can be found here

Now, I'm not abandoning Found in Translation. I love this little blog, but I'm going to bring it back to what I originally founded it for—a photo blog. It will be even more-so a visual documentation of what's shaking in my life.

Oh, Hopscotch is going to be dedicated to my creative life as an artist—what inspires me, my own recent works, crafts, and all that jazz. I hope to bring a little bit of inspiration into your lives, too. I've already populated it with a few posts, just to pique your interest. I have so much more in the works, I promise!

So please stop on by, give it a read, and maybe even add me to your reader if you like it that much! I'd be oh so flattered. Comments help me know what I'm doing right, or so horribly wrong.

So, still friends?

Yours Truly,
Val Smith

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