Wednesday, May 26, 2010

vacation recap : i'm on a boat!

The strangest thing about a cruise is cruising. I'm serious. You're residing on a gigantic floating city of a boat for a week. And that boat isn't just a means to getting from port to port, it's a vacation in itself.

So, first and foremost, here's a glimpse of the sea life.

Okay, so I'm not on a boat here. I'm in the Detroit airport. on an escalator... But I like this picture.
The rest of these are on the boat, i swear.
This was our view as we disembarked from Miami.
sunset over the water.
Dinner in the formal dining room. We ordered a fair share off of that menu.
Yes. We cruised the line that makes towel animals. And yes, it was awesome to be greeted by some sort of toweligami like this every night.

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