Monday, August 16, 2010

First 5K!

Did I mention that Rodger and I ran our first 5K?! Well, we did, and we totally rocked it! No we didn't run 3.1 miles of consecutive, earth-shattering speed. We ran it at what some would consider a near jog, a 9:24 pace. But we completed it at 29:06, which was nearly a full two minutes shorter than what I expected to do. I must mention that Rodger would have done much better than this if he didn't have me trotting along and weighing him down! I'm grateful to have such a wonderful, supportive husband who would do that with me.

The Rodg sports his finisher's medal in front of the King's Island marquee.
And wouldn't you know? I got a plaque! Third place female in my division. Must've been a slow division, but I'm proud of myself nonetheless!
It was so much fun, and I can't wait for the next one!

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