Tuesday, August 10, 2010

vacation recap : grand turk

Holy Cow, it has been three months since our Caribbean Cruise. Double Holy Cow, I haven't gotten around to sharing the pictures from our last port, Grand Turk. My life has been non-stop bananaface since this spring.

We were dropped off on the tourist part of the island, and I was told by our Cruise waitress that we shouldn't go any further than that. Everything—from the Del Sol shop to the Margaritaville restaurant-pool-combo—was extraordinarily touristy. Despite all that, we snorkeled here, and that was the experience of a life time! We saw coral, and awesome fish, and even tiny little jellyfish. Lots of jellyfish. Fortunately no one was stung.

I didn't realize that if there was coral near shore, that the beach would be really rocky (read: hard to walk on).
Large chunks of coral and sand. This made barefoot strolls painful, and walking in flip-flops a heck of a workout!
One of the coolest parts was the giant conch shells just lying around on the beach. I think this one was advertising half price appetizers at Margaritaville.
And finally, the mass exodus back to the boat. I found it hilarious that they corraled you through a duty free shop to even get on the dock to go back to the ship. Hilarity aside, I did get an excellent deal on a Nike watch on my way out :)
Then we spent another day at sea and went home. All in all, it was a pretty amazing experience. Perhaps we'll cruise again some day.

The end!

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