Tuesday, October 26, 2010

smith manor halloween party :: the guests

We have some pretty amazing friends. They're pretty creative, too. I'm sure you'll see that in their choice of costumes.

Mrs. Peacock & Colonel Mustard.
"Sexy" Big Bird (the Sexy part is arguable) and Daria.
GI Joe.
The maid wants to drag you down with her!
The Lord and Lady of Smith Manor.... Vampire and Lycan love. Who says it can't be so?
Lucy and LegoJake.
Lost characters. The best part of this costume duo is that there really isn't a baby in that belly!
Ghostly 40's folks in the best photobomb ever.
Because it was that intense!
Vampire and flapper #4 (it was a popular theme this year).
Mrs. McDaniel, the maid of the manor.
The Geico pig! Weee Weeee Weeeeeeee!
Thanks to all you guys who came and made our party awesome! Seriously, you guys rock.

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