Sunday, August 29, 2010


jellybeans from my birthday.
I'm sure you can see how much Rodger loves having his picture taken.
....and the sexiest cat alive!


I'm exhibiting in Ladyfest Dayton next weekend! Here's a little peak at some display elements :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

First 5K!

Did I mention that Rodger and I ran our first 5K?! Well, we did, and we totally rocked it! No we didn't run 3.1 miles of consecutive, earth-shattering speed. We ran it at what some would consider a near jog, a 9:24 pace. But we completed it at 29:06, which was nearly a full two minutes shorter than what I expected to do. I must mention that Rodger would have done much better than this if he didn't have me trotting along and weighing him down! I'm grateful to have such a wonderful, supportive husband who would do that with me.

The Rodg sports his finisher's medal in front of the King's Island marquee.
And wouldn't you know? I got a plaque! Third place female in my division. Must've been a slow division, but I'm proud of myself nonetheless!
It was so much fun, and I can't wait for the next one!

Friday, August 13, 2010

like two teenagers

Once upon a time, two teenagers, not even Seniors in high school, decided to make it official. After dating for all of one week, they made the decision to put a label on it. From that day forth they would be known as "boyfriend and girlfriend".

Little did the two know, from that moment on they would be inseparable. And even though all of life has happened in between, they are still those two slap-happy teenagers in their love for one another. Since that summer day there have been movie nights and vacations, their wedding and those of friends, dinners out, dinners in, family losses, heartbreaks, pure joy, but more than anything, so much happiness. They can't begin to imagine one's life without the other. Despite all this, those two can hardly believe that it has been 10 whole years since that sweet little declaration. It has been truly amazing and hopefully the next 50 will be even sweeter.

I love you, Rodg! Happy 10th (dating declaration) Anniversary!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

vacation recap : grand turk

Holy Cow, it has been three months since our Caribbean Cruise. Double Holy Cow, I haven't gotten around to sharing the pictures from our last port, Grand Turk. My life has been non-stop bananaface since this spring.

We were dropped off on the tourist part of the island, and I was told by our Cruise waitress that we shouldn't go any further than that. Everything—from the Del Sol shop to the Margaritaville restaurant-pool-combo—was extraordinarily touristy. Despite all that, we snorkeled here, and that was the experience of a life time! We saw coral, and awesome fish, and even tiny little jellyfish. Lots of jellyfish. Fortunately no one was stung.

I didn't realize that if there was coral near shore, that the beach would be really rocky (read: hard to walk on).
Large chunks of coral and sand. This made barefoot strolls painful, and walking in flip-flops a heck of a workout!
One of the coolest parts was the giant conch shells just lying around on the beach. I think this one was advertising half price appetizers at Margaritaville.
And finally, the mass exodus back to the boat. I found it hilarious that they corraled you through a duty free shop to even get on the dock to go back to the ship. Hilarity aside, I did get an excellent deal on a Nike watch on my way out :)
Then we spent another day at sea and went home. All in all, it was a pretty amazing experience. Perhaps we'll cruise again some day.

The end!
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