Saturday, September 13, 2008

looking back and pressing onward.

September already? It's already starting to be dark when I hop in my car to go to work in the morning. I love the shift in the atmosphere when the days get shorter and the temperature goes down, and everything just feels new. In celebration of the approach of my favorite season, here's a random recap of the summer that was.

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Anonymous said...

There is a lot to the imagination that sparks when I brose -browse your summer vacation? Or err.. whatever 'Seasobn -seasp -season. Good observations made when waking in or at the same time that you are used to and dunno hoe -how ? but its is dark I really love the feeling of the shorter days too! Sorry I have typos but that is a new writing style i am typing not lazy but just saying what I think maybe a word art like poetry. Did you hp -hope to double your picture spac e on your hard drive? I have a bitr -bit of a eye for photo manipulation but only as a pad -past time.

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