Monday, February 09, 2009

i'm it

I was tagged. Like 10 times. So I guess I'll do the 25 random things (with pictures!). Here goes:

1. Let's just get this one out of the way. My husband is the single most amazing, generous, and wonderful person I know.
2. I hate my toes. That's probably the reason I have over 50 pairs of shoes—so I can cover them up.
3. That face can bring me out of the absolute deepest funk.
4. I love Rock 'n Roll (and so does Rachael).

5. The day I first saw my product on shelf, was the most proud day I've experienced as an artist.
6. I am an unapologetic passenger. I HATE to drive!
7. I was raised Catholic, but have failed to find religion as an adult.
8. That being said, if you have found God. Good for you. I'm very tolerant. Unless you want to talk about Creationism. Then seriously, just go away. We were once flinging our own poo and eating lice off of one another. Get over it.
9. I have a really hard time striking up conversation with strangers.10. I think my mom is a pretty rockin' lady.11. My friends are super awesome. All of them.12. I'm 5 feet tall, and honestly, I really like it. People do things for you when you're small. I get doors held open for me wherever I go!13. Sometimes I feel very much alone.14. aquariums both intrigue and repulse me. I can't explain it.15. I love to travel, and have a huge list of places I'd like to visit before we start a family. It all kind of originates from when we went to Florence, Italy for our honeymoon.16. I view most foods as a delivery vessel for hot sauce. 17. I admit it. I have been known to dress up my dogs on special occasions. Don't judge me.18. Gerbera Daisies are my fave.19. I am terrified of heights.20. I firmly believe that Disney is the most magical place on Earth.21. Cupcakes are my Krytonite.22. Gymnastics is the one sport that I was always awesome at. 23. I really enjoy a couple of drinks from time to time. Unfortunately the feelings are unrequited. I usually suffer the world's worst hangovers if I so much as look at alcohol.
24. I love baseball. I love football. I bet you wouldn't have guessed that about me.25. Despite all the healthy food I eat, and all the bad foods I avoid, I LOVE candy. Yeah, I said it.


1kcsmiles said...

love it! best 25 i've seen! mine would have been a totally different set of 25 had pictures been involved now that i think of it.

Brian said...

Awesome. This is way more interesting than all those posts circulating on Facebook. I'm glad you're catering to us visual thinkers!

Rachael said...

Much cooler than what i did on facebook. :) I love gomez dressed up. hehe

Mr. Misconduct said...

Some of those pics are damn cool.

You like baseball? Why? Ice hockey is millions of times more interesting. :oP

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

The images you picked were all perfect!

1kcsmiles said...

showing love by visiting again! I totally snagged the photo of your mom. It's truly too great not to have!


val said...

thanks guys! i'm glad this brought you some sort of entertainment!

Craig: I love to watch Hockey in person. it's awesome! I just have never gotten too into it otherwise.

Kim: Isn't that the coolest picture of my mom? It was Xmas morning 2 years ago.

mom said...

Cant remember the last time I was up when the sun was shining but Im glad I nade your top 25

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