Monday, March 30, 2009

in memory of

We use to go on walks together. Sometimes we'd go to the park in the summer and dip our feet in the pool. We never got in, though. She was afraid of the water.

She use to make me alphabet soup. She'd test the temperature on her wrist. I always found that funny.

She had a serious love of buffets.

In all 92 years of her life, she never learned to drive.... I wonder what her carbon footprint looked like?

I would buy her Gerbera daisies on special occasions or when something sad happened. I think that's why I like them so much.

She always complimented me on whatever I was wearing—particularly my shoes.

Today I bought a cute pair of heals to wear to her wake. I think she would have liked that.


1kcsmiles said...

we get to remember the funniest little things about grandparents that would get overwhelmed by other details if it were anyone else. She liked your shoes.


Anonymous said...

god rest your grannies soul!

and the advice she'd try to give you.

miss you so much!!


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