Friday, March 27, 2009

my art room is new again!

I've been married for 2 years now. Naturally we're getting a lot of questions about when we're going to have children. So to dispell any of those suspicions or rumors, I redecorated my art room (which is the only spare room in our house). Take that speculators!

But seriously, I just wanted to get organized, and have a space that motivates me to be creative. I have some personal artistic endeavors in the works, and I hope this new space kicks my butt into gear.

Here's the room as it was shortly after we moved in, 3 years ago:
after, of course:
I eventually want to paint the drawers on that desk white...I still have a couple of items in the room that I'm going to show as a before/after. So, stay tuned!


1kcsmiles said...

I love that the orange is so happy and that it matches the font color on your blog!!! It's all so perfectly coordinated!

golublog said...

I love the matroshkas

val said...

the matryoshkas were a gift from a friend that knows me VERY well :)

sienna said...

nice room. there's something artistic about it. :)

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