Monday, March 02, 2009

nervous doings

So, I had to get up super early this morning. I'm having a CT scan at 7:30, and I have to drink contrast material at evenly spaced intervals (while eating and drinking nothing else). I've drank the stuff before, but let me tell you, it is nasty. It might say "Vanilla Smoothie" on the bottle. It might have a cute little picture of a vanilla flower, and a soda shop glass filled with vanilla ice cream goodness. However, they can't disguise the fact that I'm ingesting barium, and it tastes like bland liquid vanilla yogurt.

Okay, maybe I'm a little anxious. This is going to be my third CT scan in as many years, and I know it doesn't hurt (since it's without the injectible dye), but hospitals always stress me out.

Last night I couldn't settle down. I flitted around the bedroom doing everything I could to avoid laying down, and having to think about the upcoming medical test, and crazy work day that will follow. To burn off some of that nervous energy, I put a lot of thought into my outfit for the morning. In fact, I made a scale (headless) model of myself. Yeah you should witness my creative brainpower when I have something serious to apply it to!Then, just because they're cute, I took some pictures of the pugs.


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

They ARE cute and so is that outfit! I love that sweater! You're in my thoughts, dear.

val said...

Thanks! their cuteness gets them out of a lot of trouble.

*The sweater can be purchased at Old Navy for $15 :D

1kcsmiles said...

Hope it went well with the scan. Have you gotten your results back yet?

I've done it once but had the injectable stuff... which we all realized almost immediately (after 2 huge vials of the stuff were put in my veins) that I was highly allergic to! I could actually feel every inch of it crawling through me... highly disturbing!

There's nothing like a good outfit to help one confidently walk into a stressful situation! Energy well spent!

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