Sunday, April 18, 2010

the day finally came (crafty supermarket)

What an amazing experience! Ladybear (Rachael Smith) and I embarked on our first craft fair not exactly sure what to expect. Will people like us? Will we make any sales? Will we make some new friends? The answers are yes, yes and YES!

It surpassed my expectations. I made some great new connections, bought some amazing crafty goods from talented neighbors, and learned a great deal about vending and myself! The fact that my jewelry sold was just a footnote to it all!

Thanks so much to everyone that came out to support us! It absolutely means everything to me.

Here's some shots from our big day:

Yellowberry & Ladybear.
It's yellow!
The crowd lining up to get in early, and get their hands on the early bird swag bags.
Some of the mega-talented vendors that we shared a space with.
This is our lovely assistant Rachel Scheller. She's the best!
Yellowberry, all set up and ready for customers!
Ladybear is taking care of business!


Rachael said...

Great pics! I might steal a couple for my blog :)

val said...

thanks! steal away.

noirohio vintage said...

this is awesome!!! congrats ;)

lady lee said...

so awesome! your booth looks great, I'm sure stuff sold like hotcakes!

Bridget said...

i love that jewelry!

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