Tuesday, April 13, 2010

one night in Chicago

... and I wish we had stayed longer! Here's a couple of shots from a roadtrip that I took with my husband and our good friend to see Spoon and Deerhunter.

This was our awesome room at the Hotel Sax.
waiting for our train. you can see the Aragon Ballroom sign in the left corner through the window.
Spoon at the Aragon Ballroom.
What? I'm a junior zookeeper.
Girafe Boy, Bear Head and Penguin Girl... No idea how we didn't get kicked out of that zoo gift shop!


Rachael said...

Nice shot of Britt Daniel!

val said...

thanks! I had to hold my camera over my head, as high as I could. This is the only way I really saw the stage, through my camera's preview screen.

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